When your bike is in need of repair, swing on over to Marblehead Cycle. We have experienced and talented bicycle mechanics on site everyday. Whether a minimal cable adjustment or a complete bike build, we have the tools and experience to diagnose the problem, make the repair and stand behind our work.

Simple repairs like replacing a punctured tube or installing an accessory can generally be done while you wait. You can call ahead to schedule an appointment for your repair at your convenience.

For most repairs you will need to leave your bike with us for a short period of time. Most bicycle tune-ups can be done within a few days, depending on seasonal demands. When you bring your bike in to Marblehead Cycle, you will be given a repair assessment, price estimate and turnaround time estimate for the repair. In the event additional labor or parts are needed to complete the repair, prices may be adjusted and you will be notified by phone.

Services List

Basic Tune-up … $65

The bread and butter service at Marblehead Cycle. A basic tune-up consists of tightening of the pedals, cranks, bottom bracket, headset, stem, and any other fittings that may have come loose. The entire bicycle is cleaned and polished. The tires are inflated to the correct pressure and the wheels are given a basic truing. The braking and shifting systems are adjusted. The drive-train will be given a basic cleaning. Finally, weather permitting, we give your bike a quick test ride to ensure that it works on the road, and not just in the shop. Should any problems arise during the tune-up, we will contact you by the phone number that you gave us to discuss what you’d like done.

Flat Tire repair … $10*

Perhaps the most common repair we do. Typically, this is done while you wait and takes only five minutes or so. We will remove your old tube, inspect it as well as the tire for damage or debris, remove the offending item if necessary, and the re-install a new tube up to the correct pressure. During the process, we might suggest a new tire, as a worn one is more susceptible to flats. *Cost does not include a new tube, as price varies slightly depending on size.

Bike Fitting

Basic Fitting … $65 

Shop owner Chris has been riding bikes competitively and recreationally for over 30 years. Now he is applying his knowledge and experience to help you get more comfortable on the bike! Please call us to learn more or make an appointment.